In English

So you wonder what Geotrip’17 is about, and finnish language is too strong encryption for you? Well, wonder no more as on this page you’ll find a brief explanation what the trip is all about.

Geotrip’17 is a geocaching road trip where four guys (Harjus, Rimaju, Weellu and Wesbridge) from Finland are trying to find a geocache in 15 different countries in just 24 hours. This mentioned amount actually touches the current unofficial world record from year 2011.

Four geofellows will embark on this trip on 15th of April 00:00 on Central European Time (CET) and they should have found the last cache before 23:59 on that same day. The start will take place in the Netherlands and finish line is in Poland. We will post the exact route on this site before the trip. The route length is approximately 2000 kilometers and we will drive the whole route by a rental car from AVIS, which is one of our sponsors for the trip. We will post updates during the trip to this site, so you can follow what is going on. Also there will be a possibility to follow our location in real time on this site.

It goes without saying that on this geocaching trip we don’t have time to stop for all caches along the route. We have selected easy park’n’grab geocaches from each of the countries. Additionally, we have selected a backup cache or two for each country as well, in case that the cache cannot be found quickly ,or it simply has just gone missing. We will publish the caches that we’re going to visit before the trip on this site. If you wish, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course on this site. Although most of the material on this site is in finnish, you can still contact us in english and we will reply to you.

Also you might want to support our geocaching friendly sponsors: Avis, Garmin, Partioaitta, Kilpipaino, Paitashop, Kiven Alla and Geocaching HQ!